Udemy vs KodeKloud

Some of our courses are available on other platforms such as Udemy. All our latest courses are only available at KodeKloud and so are our future courses. Below is a list of our courses and their availability on different platforms.
At KodeKloud we are building a new and improved learning experience with seamless integration between our video lectures and labs. Our learning path provides a guided learning experience and takes you from an absolute beginner to a certified expert.

Create your profile

Create your profile, set your goals and begin your learning journey. Connect with other students and collaborate on groups and forums. This is the new social learning platform.

Guided Learning Path

Follow a guided path in beginning your journey in DevOps and Cloud Computing. Get your basics right with these courses pre-requisites courses.  

Continue with the Cloud Native or Automation Track. Learn Docker, Kubernetes, GIT, Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Terraform. 

And finally get certified with our certification courses.

All courses come with hands-on labs 

If you have purhased our courses on Udemy you get a 33% discount while signing up for yearly subscription on KodeKloud.

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